Plans of the
Gladiator Clan
and structure of the Gladiator Clan


For the moment, we need to make sure we leave the
other strong clans alone, me and Chesca know the other leaders quite well so we
can hold them at bay as they don’t want to attack us, as much as we can’t afford
to attack them. The other main clans are FNF, MINIFNF, FNF TRAINING, GOW and
300. Any other clan we can attack, but remember do not overstretch ourselves and
if you think it will cause trouble, let our people here at Gladiators know so we
can start producing defences etc to help reinforce the rest of the clan. We will
soon be going to war with everyone. Any Co-ords found from anyone in the top 5/6
  alliances are being plotted, we are recording it all and I will update this app
  to include a section for other clan’s locations so we can rinse them.

  Sending Resource/ Reinforcements

  You can only send resource to a member of your clan, you need to locate their
  town on their map and click it, if you click transport, it will then let you
  decide how much to send. You can also re-enforce an ally which means that your
  troops will sit at his base, he cannot control them, they are still yours and
  you can decide to recall them as you wish. Its worth pointing out that you
  cannot re-enforce with scouts or battering Rams or wall defences, only actual


  The bubbles are ‘Athena’s ward’ which grants a city peace, there are two types,
  a 1 day card and a 7 day card, we all start in peace for 7 days before you can
  plunder/ be plundered or scout/ be scouted. The only way to break out of this
  before the 7 days are up, is to reach character level 11 early, this can be
  done quite easily if you stick to the quests and rewards.

Character Level
Is displayed
on the top left if you click your face, the only way you can improve your
character level, is by doing the quests, which you can view from your pop out
menu, it should be on the vertical arm.
Buildings/ Research
sure you build one of every building, and a good rule of thumb, is to make sure
you have every building and research at level 10, then you have a basis from
which you can move forward. I would make sure the first things I build after
reaching a new town hall level, would be cottages, then production buildings
(Gold Mines/ Stone Quarry etc), then to do my researches, now, here is where it
splits. War Ministers, should firstly do Arms centre researches followed by the
Academy researches, whereas Finance ministers should look to build their
infrastructure firstly allowing them to earn resource easier.


  If you build up your main too quickly, without providing protection in wall
  defences etc, you will be exploited as people will scout you and realise the
  potential they can take from you. The best thing to do, is build evenly,
  (unless you are a finance minister/ war minister), meaning at level 10 of
  everything, I would expect to be at least 100k power, at level 15 I would hope
  to be a good 500k power if not higher, just to give you an idea of when to move
  on, but be careful about upgrading too quickly for reasons that I will point
  out in the faith section.


These are a brilliant ways to get all sorts of items,
resources and extra troops for your army. You need to make sure you use as it’s brilliant for laying out exactly what is
needed; the cave is located on your map. If you click on it, you can select a
level; always try to go for the highest level possible, as the rewards are
  significantly greater. However, make sure you do not lose any troops, but be
  aware that the cave has a randomiser, which means that 1% of the time,
  something random can happen and you can lose hundreds, but in general the pro’s
  far outweigh the con’s.

Every unit is crucial
but I would try to build up the volumes in ratio to other units. For example, I
try to get a good 100 or so of every unit as soon as I can, but the general rule
again is to have around:
1k Swordsman, 1k Spearman, 1k Axemen, 1k Archers,
500 Cavalry 500 Battering Rams and 500 wall units (involving Watch Towers,
Thorns and trebuches). Obviously, if you have 2k swordsman, you should look to
double all the numbers as you want them to move up in ratio.

(Swordsman, Spearman, Axemen)
Mounted units (Cavalry, Lancer,
Axe Rider)
Wall Units (Watch towers, Trebuches, Thorns)

Conquests are a brilliant way of getting
resources, they can sometimes give you extra pearls also. The idea behind it is
to help you understand tactical effectiveness, which units to use against others
and to always keep happiness and morale at 9000. Here is a guide to the first 5
levels, the rest will follow...
1-1. You need 5 swordsmen
1-2. You need
10 spearmen
1-3. You need 20 swordsmen
1-4. You need 15 archers
You need 100 swordsman

Remember that sometimes even the correct amount
won't get you 3 stars if you are unlucky, but try again and you should be

You cannot plunder until you are out of the bubble (Athena’s


There are two kinds of Gods, defensive and attacking. You
can only worship one God (defensive) and they cannot attack with your army when
you attack, they stay at home, so it’s always good to have a few gods if you
can. If you increase their levels, their spells go up, meaning in battle, they
will have more chance of appearing (As they don’t necessarily appear in every
battle), whereas a defensive or worshipped God will have her abilities
increased. The best type of defensive god, I prefer a 3 or 4 star if you can all
with resource production. For example, I currently worship Persephone who has
+10% Gold production, +10% Wood production and +10% Stone production. I
increased her to level 4 by getting faith, and she now does +40% to each of the
resources instead of 10%.
For attacking Gods, you can see the combat skills
listed if you click the god, they usually involve giving power to your troops,
or hurting the enemy etc. The best Gods here surprisingly are 1 star Gods, as
it’s very rare you will have a 3 star with 3 very good abilities, you have a
good chance of having a 1star with a good ability, meaning if your god does
appear in the fight, your one star God can only use his good move, whereas your
3 star god may not choose the move you want him to. There are so many Gods and
their spells/ moves aren’t unique to that God, so it’s pointless listing good or
bad Gods, as someone’s Artemis may be better than someone else’s. If I instead
list some of the best spells, you can look out for these:

Faith you can either get by sacrificing Gods, buying with
pearls or when you plunder. After your Gods have hit level 4, they cannot
increase without worshipping Zeus as his level needs to be 5, then you can
upgrade your gods to 5 and so forth. If you worship Zeus, and we get him to the
next level, we also become stronger and more attractive as a clan as we can have
more members, hence why I have been plundering early trying to get as much faith
as possible, yet my Gods are still around level 3, but making the alliance more
powerful, does the same for us!

2nd City
The only ways to get a city are through a deed (which you can
buy with 250 pearls) or purchase with 100 artefacts. A second city is essential
and really helps with resource as you can transport between the two how you see
fit, it allows also for you to do a research at each of your cities, enabling
you to do 2 at once. The only want to get artefacts are through daily caves
(levels 6 and up), plundering or daily chance, the pearls you can win in daily
chance, rewards and conquests.

about this as you can be more frugal, my town hall is currently level 12,
meaning I can have my 4 production buildings at level 11 and with my cottages
fully upgraded to 12, there will be no more space, but I always make sure my
production buildings keep up and are 12 also, this is so that If I am short on
lumber/ stone, I can transfer more slaves from the other buildings, meaning I
can build the resource I want to quicker.


It’s always a good idea to get as many as you can, you start
with 1 space and every time you hit a town hell level with an increment of 5,
you get an another slot. So at level 5 town hall, you have 2 slots, at level 10,
you have 3, at 15 you have 4 and so forth. It is very hard to take these without
losses, but level 3 outside places you can take with very small casualties with
only about 100 swordsman, anything above that and you need Archers/ Battering
Rams, I am currently 500k power and have a level 12 main, meaning I have 3
spaces, which are all currently level 6 to give you an idea of what paper you
should be aiming for and when.